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Making an Oak Swill

One of the first things you notice about Owen Jones, apart from his friendly, relaxed demeanor, is his hands: huge and work-worn. They’ve definitely seen some years of graft. I’m at his workshop in Cumbria, to make an oak swill. This is a traditional split wood basket from the region, …

reed mace, cattail harvest

Fibre & Clay in the Wild

In conversation with No Serial Number Magazine, a publication which explores environmental sustainability through traditional crafts and innovative design. We discuss my …

netted cordage looped bags

Looped Cordage: Netted Bags

After a day of making cordage from foraged plant fibres, my grubby fingernails show evidence of all the separating and scraping. Once …

wakehurst place sculpture

Wakehurst 2017: Space Between

Space Between is a recently commissioned, site-specific woodland sculpture at Wakehurst, (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).  It’s situated in Pearcelands Wood, their newly-opened ancient …

woven ash backpack

Making an Ash Pack Basket

For ages I’ve been wanting to make a pack, or back, basket from wood splints. They’re best made in the spring when …

pigeon's nest on Meadow Weave Wakehurst

Nests in Nets

I’ve returned to Wakehurst on  a bright autumn day to see if the rumours are true. One of my areas of research …