Diameter 12.5cm, Height 7.5cm


100% wild clay, dug sustainably from Sussex woodland, hand built. Woodfired to low earthenware temperature in a clamp kiln in the same woods, a temporary kiln structure built of wood and earth. Unglazed. After firing a lid is added, coiled from iris leaves and hemp twine, with hinges made of repurposed leather.

Smoke clouds from the fire leave permanent marks, traces, on the vessel, an unpredictable and element which makes each one unique and valued. Natural inclusions in the clay reveal marks from the hand building process of forming and scraping. The subtle colourations and textures of these pieces, and the combination of plant fibres and wild clay, give them a rich and highly tactical quality.

Each piece connected directly to the land, with echoes of ancient processes. I always make an offering before digging clay: a gesture of reciprocity.

You can find out more about how I make these on this page of my website.

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