Ivy Baskets

ivy basket workshop sussex

October 2021 dates tbc


Cost £210

Venue: tbc

On this 2 day course, we’ll forage ivy from the woods and weave it into a frame basket, adding a strap so you can wear it comfortably across your body for foraging and carrying things. It’s also great hung on the kitchen wall for storing lemons, eggs etc. You’ll learn how, where and when to harvest the best ivy to weave with, and how to make the frame from wild willow.

This course is for people who have some experience of weaving baskets, or people who enjoy (and feel reasonably confident) making things. Not suitable for complete beginners. Groups are kept small to allow for individual attention.

I aim to offer you a satisfying learning experience as well as an enjoyable time away from it all. To support you in getting the most from the days, we’ll connect to the woodland surroundings through a short and simple, guided mindfulness-based practice.

You can read FAQs here.

See you in the woods!

ivy basket course sussex

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