Just fabulous. Fun, creative, incredibly informative (Ruby’s hugely inspiring teaching) and in a place of such simple beauty. Way beyond all hopes, a treat of an experience that I shall never forget – shared with lovely people. Rebecca, Brighton

Totally fantastic. I made my first ever basket and feel confident about my ability to make another. I’m really inspired and feel enabled get my next basket project together! Ruby is so full of grace and knowledge and she imparts it in a such a super fun way. It really was a joy to attend this Wild Rose and Bramble Basketmaking course. The camping at the venue was great too. Happy days. Thanks Ruby. Martin

I thought this would be boring, but it’s fun. Isaac, aged 6, Brighton (family wild pottery)

Absolutely enchanting from start to finish. It wasn’t just the clay, the handling of it, the creating, the fire-making… but the magic which you imbued it all with, and the care you took. I felt very well looked-after. Your light touch, the mindfulness exercise, the poem…all really moved me. You have a rare combination of gifts.
As someone who feels artistically clumsy it was wonderful to feel I achieved something creative. And that special woodland. I want to do it all over again! I’m going to recommend this to all my friends. Jini Reddy, author of ‘Wild Times’

Loved both the Bark Containers day and the Wild Cordage one. Ruby makes ancient techniques simple and achievable, and imparted a vast amount of knowledge in bite-sized chunks. Totally inspired and can’t wait to make more! Matthew & Julie Bruton-Seal, authors of ‘Hedgerow Medicine’

A wonderful weekend of digging, potting and fire-making. We all had such a blast, and learned LOADS. Arthur practised his spark making all the way home in the car, and has continued this morning at the breakfast table. We will be back again for more adventures. Steve S, London

What a lovely weekend in the woods- we haven’t felt that mellow on a Sunday evening for ages, we both feel like we’ve been on holiday! Emma, Kent

Ruby delivered wonderful basketry workshops for our volunteer staff here at Stonehenge, in our Neolithic Houses. These peaceful and inspiring workshops gave our staff an opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of the materials, skills, and techniques used by Neolithic people. This was an incredible opportunity for our volunteer staff to explore ancient skills that they can now demonstrate, bringing history to life for our visitors who come every day from around the world. Abigail Blake, Volunteer Manager, Stonehenge

Being absorbed in such a beautiful activity in a beautiful place was very enriching and exactly what I needed. Thank you for making it so. JB

It occurred to me…that when sitting in a wood, in a sense you are being held in a huge, loose-woven, living basket of trees and plants, so there is a lovely symmetry in making a basket inside a natural basket. Catherine W, Sussex

Two such wonderful days of creative discovery, earthing and connectedness. I especially appreciated your careful pacing and clear explanations of the whole process, with time also to just stop and take stock, reflect and celebrate. I just can’t wait to do Wild Pottery Level 2! Annabel Faraday, ceramicist

We learned so much… yet the pace was never rushed or stressful. I was able to be more fully present than I usually am in my daily life in the city. It’s hard for your thoughts to wander when you’re waving a smoking nest of grass in your hand, watching it burst into flames! It all felt so sane, human and natural. Yasmin K, Sussex

I thought the workshop would be something special I could share with my sister, and it was even lovelier than I had hoped. Jane F, Brighton

It was so relaxed yet focused, clear modelling with space to crack on and explore with your supportive skills and knowledge on tap. Thank you again for the lovely basket workshop. Richard S, London

A wonderful, and I mean REALLY wonderful day learning about bark, fire making, connecting to nature, and all the good soul nourishing things that we did. I’m very pleased with my container. Mary said that the workshop was one of the best birthday presents she’s ever had! Amy H, Sussex

Really, really enjoyed those two days – we all felt very refreshed and inspired. I have my little pot on my desk to remind me of the wonderful experience. Simon M, Brighton

Picking the bramble prior to making the basket made me feel really connected to the finished product. I also felt the achievement of mastering the skill of turning an unwanted plant into something of beauty and use. Feeling the rain on your face makes you feel alive; hearing birdsong, you share the bird’s vitality and zest for life. Meike W, Croydon